UPDATED: 7/20/2022

Figuring out what triggers your symptoms is key to getting on the road to wellness.   

It’s true we live in a toxic world, and you may not be able to control everything around you.  There is one area, however, you can control and that is what you choose to bring into your home.    

One thing is for sure, you do have freedom to choose which means you can have freedom from toxins. 

There are many common triggers that contribute to autoimmune disorders.  Let’s consider just one of them.......  

Fragrances and Perfumes: 

No doubt most of you have seen the reports about the dangers of second-hand (cigarette) smoke.  In the past few years a newsecond-hand smoke” has jumped to the forefront .... synthetic/artificial fragrance.   

Fragrances and Perfumes can be found in almost every product from makeup to toilet paper.  Because of this most people may not be aware of the dangers of synthetic scents found in every day products such as air fresheners/plug-insshampoo, lotion, deodorant, sun-screenscented candlesdetergents and dryer sheets.  Did you know the average American woman uses 12-16 beauty and cosmetic products a day .... many containing fragrances?  


Why are synthetic scents being called the new “second-hand smoke”?  It takes only an hour of burning a candle to produce the same effects as smoking a single cigarette. State, federal and global authorities do not regulate ingredients in fragrances.  This means the word “fragrance” or “parfum” on a label could actually contain anywhere from 50-300 chemicals.   In 2019 there were 4000 chemicals used to scent products. A 2018 BCPP study (Breast Cancer Prevention Partners) of personal care and cleaning brands states:

"Three-quarters of the toxic chemicals detected in a test of 140 products came from fragrance. The chemicals identified were linked to chronic health issues, including cancer."

About 90% of chemicals used in synthetic fragrances are derived from petroleum (crude oil).  These include things like benzene derivatives (carcinogenic), aldehydes, toluene, and many other toxic chemicals linked to cancer, birth defects, central nervous system disorders, and allergic reactions. 

1. Respiratory Issues 

2. Cancer Causing 

3. Reproductive Toxicity 

4. Neurotoxin 

5. Liver & Kidney Damage 

6. Skin Issues 

7. Headaches 

These are just a short list of the dangers of using synthetic fragrances in your home.  Synthetic fragrances was one of the first triggers I was able to identify that was contributing to my autoimmunity.   

If you suffer from any of these, I encourage you to remove the “fake” stuff for one month and open your windows if you can.  Just see what a difference it can make in how you feel. 

Better yet.... if you’re like me, you want your home to smell great AND be a safe environment for your family and pets (they inhale what we inhale). I know there a lot of you who are scented candle users. Did you know they can include such harmful substances as "formaldehyde, petroleum distillates, limonene, alcohol and esters"? This is just part of the reason why I no longer use scented candles and opted for a toxin-free alternative. 

Rather than adding pollutants and harmful substances to your air, why not use a natural product, like essential oils, that actually cleans the air of harmful substances. I love this starter bundle for getting started. 

Fragrances affect my cognitive ability, can change my personality, and leave me with a "toxic hangover headache".

How do fragrances affect you?  I would love to hear your experiences.

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