Protect Your Cell's Batteries

Your cell's battery ... or mitochondria ... is important for your overall health and wellness providing the energy you need. What damages this battery?

How We Got To The Root Cause Of My Husband's Low Energy And Stamina

In the past 3 months my husband experienced a dramatic decrease in energy and stamina and frequent cold symptoms. Find out how we discovered the root cause. 

Is Your Health Protocol Like a Dandelion?

So, what is your protocol for managing your health journey?  Is it like a dandelion?  

How is that working for you?


Are you a coffee lover?

If you are a coffee lover, it will probably be difficult for you to grasp what I am about to say.......... I cannot handle the smell of black coffee.... especially in a small or enclosed area. 🤢

A Little History

I grew up around coffee. I was my mother’s companion for her daily trip to the “truck stop” for her morning cup of coffee. When I was in high school, I decided to try coffee and see what all the “hoop-la” was about.