Don't Shoot The Messenger!

When bringing bad news, the messenger may, jokingly, open with, "Don't Shoot The Messenger!!".   

Your health, however, is no joking matter.  When something is wrong, your body will tell you.  It will send you little symptoms or "messengers".  

Have you ever experienced heart-burn or reflux?  Most will reach for an acid-reducing medication putting that "symptom" or "messenger" to death .... in essence, "shooting the messenger".  But is that the message your body was telling you .... that you had an acid-reducing medication deficiency?  There could be other reasons for this message such as a hiatal hernia, ulcer, or esophageal spasm.  Perhaps there is a deficiency or imbalance of enzymes.  There could be a number of reasons why your enzymes are out of whack.

Has your gallbladder ever spoken to you .... sending you little messages of pain or discomfort?  At first you may be able to just "ignore" the messenger.  Trying to still get your attention the messages become stronger and stronger until it can no longer be ignored and you get it removed.  You "shoot the messenger".  So, the pain and the messenger have now been removed.  The actual problem, or root cause, however, still remains .... ineffective digestion starting with the stomach. 

When not feeling good many say: "I have sinus".   Well, we all have sinuses.  But, to take care of this "sinus" situation many  will take an antihistamine or other OTC medication to dry things up.  The symptoms, or messenger, may now be gone or subdued, however, the ultimate problem, gut dysbiosis, is still there.  The mouth, sinus and nose cavities are direct extensions of the digestive tract.  

Other symptoms and messengers get sent when the root "problem" is not addressed:
Dr. Hong (Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine) explains the gut and sinus connection to his patients as follows, "A common digestive problem, dysbiosis, refers to a condition with microbial imbalances such as yeast overgrowth (Candidiasis) and the decline of the beneficial bacteria. Dysbiosis of the digestive tract often leads to dysbiosis of the sinus and ear cavity and causes inflammation of the mucous membrane, which in turn results in the blockage of the drainage ducts, fluid retention in the sinus and ear cavities, and bacterial infection later on. After using antibiotics to control bacterial infection, a Candida outbreak always follows and results in another sinus infection within a few weeks. It becomes a vicious cycle going on every month."

Paying attention to the messengers is important for everyone.  However, it is especially important for anyone suffering with an autoimmune disease.  It is like battling a war with yourself being the opponent. Those symptoms, or messengers, are your fellow soldiers.  So, "Don't Shoot The Messenger".  The root problem will still be there and will present itself in other forms bombarding your body's ability to heal itself.  

Rather than suppressing, medicating or ignoring these messengers, many have gotten second opinions or tried alternative methods, including, Zyto Insights scans for taking the guesswork out of the next step on their health and wellness journey.