Gluten and AIP Diet: Can All Foods Be Re-Introduced?

Are you a Celiac, gluten intolerant and/or have been following an AIP diet? How do you know which foods can be successfully re-introduced?

My first exposure to the word "gluten" was through my acupuncturist who suggested I get tested. These 2002 test results came back positive and I proceeded to do my own research on what to do because my doctor had no clue what gluten was or what the test results meant. In 2009 I was diagnosed through a stool test by a functional medicine doctor as having Celiac. Not having a lot of direction I continued to research because just avoiding the "traditional" gluten sources of wheat, barley and rye was not providing full relief.

Leaky Gut: Top 5 Myths

Leaky gut syndrome is a condition that millions of people are struggling with and often don’t even know it. It’s a staggering statistic but it actually affects about 80-90% of people today, and the symptoms affect the whole body not just the digestive system.