Is All Inflammation Bad?

Mark Twain once said "Too much of a good thing is bad".  When it comes to exercise or even drinking orange juice, it is good to keep moderation in mind.  

The same is true for inflammation.  A little is good but "too much of a good thing is bad".  How is Inflammation good?


Improve Productivity By Decluttering The Mind

Einstein is quoted as saying "Nothing happens until something moves".  

Movement means action or activity.  But not all movement or action is productive.


Areas To Focus On When Spring Cleaning To Prevent Illness

When you hear the words "spring cleaning", what images get conjured up in your mind? Perhaps those BIG cleaning projects like windows and walls? They certainly are included in a deep spring cleaning.  However, spring cleaning can incorporate more than just those big projects.  It is these "other" areas that can have a huge impact on our health.


Why Spring Cleaning Will Help Reduce Stress and Depression


5 Ways Spring Cleaning Strengthens Your Immune System

Did you know that over a year your mattress can collect as much as 20 lbs of dead skin cells, dust mites, dust mite feces, bacteria and fungal spores?

It is recommended to clean, or detox your body every spring and fall.  This helps to get rid of the build-up and keep you healthy.  It only makes sense that doing this same kind of cleaning, or detoxing, in your home would also help
strengthen your immune system.  And, of course, a strong immune system contributes to being healthy.  So, what are 5 ways spring cleaning strengthens your immune system?

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