Could You Be A "Silent Gluten" Sufferer?

A 2005 landmark study on celiac disease determined that 60% of children and 41% of adults diagnosed during the study were asymptomatic.

Are gut symptoms the only indicators of gluten sensitivity?

Leaky Gut: Top 5 Myths

Leaky gut syndrome is a condition that millions of people are struggling with and often don’t even know it. It’s a staggering statistic but it actually affects about 80-90% of people today, and the symptoms affect the whole body not just the digestive system. 

Top 5 "Silent Killer" Ingredients of Scented Candles

When you hear the words, "silent killers" .... you may think of Carbon Monoxide, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Heart Disease, or Prostate Cancer for men? The effects of exposure to "silent killer" ingredients of scented candles over a period of time, however, can be just as devastating. 

Can Grief Make You Sick?

Perhaps you have experienced a form of grief, maybe a cherished family member has passed away, and you have had a cold that just will not go away.  Maybe your asthma or allergies flare-up.  In TCM "grief and sadness" go deeper than the emotional level and are associated with the "Lungs".  


Why Forgiveness is Important For Your Health

Have you been hurt by the actions or words of someone else ... falsely accused, misunderstood, emotional or physical traumatic experience? These hurtful acts can leave you with lingering feelings of anger, bitterness, frustration and possibly even vengeance and can affect you physically and emotionally long-term.
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