Exploring Eustress vs Distress: How to Harness Its Power for Success

One of the most common things that we hear about stress is that it's something negative that needs to be avoided at all costs. However, stress is not as black and white as we may have previously thought. There are actually two types of stress: eustress and distress.

While it may be impossible to completely eliminate stress from our lives, it's important to know that we don't have to handle it alone. There are resources and methods available to help us manage stress and use it as an accelerator moving us forward.

Stop Poisoning Yourself

In 2021, Poison Help responded to more than 2 million human exposure cases ... that is about 1 every 15 seconds.

What are the top leading exposure substance categories?

The Little Things ....

The blizzard of '75 ... the mountains ... the ocean ... a graduation ... a treasured wedding ... 

No doubt you can create your own list of memorable things. "BIG" things are easy to remember. 

But what about the little things? What would those BIG things be without them? 
~ the mortar and nails of beautiful architecture
~ the individual, unique snowflakes of a blizzard
~ the individual grains of sand that build a mountain
~ the individual drops of water that create an ocean
~ the minutes in the hours of study/preparation that result in graduation
~ the small glances, interchange, exchange of emotions that lead to a wedding

What would we do without the 31,536,000 seconds that make a year?

Likewise, your health is the result of many "little" things. The air you breathe, for example, is the result of breathing in roughly 25 sextillion molecules every time you take a breath at standard room temperature. That's 25 with 21 zeroes behind it!! 

How important that those molecules are as clean as possible. If they are polluted, it can result in physical effects on all of the tiny cells that make up your airways ... allergy, asthma, difficulty breathing, etc. 

Do little things matter? Absolutely!!!

Why Clean Air Is So Important

Just imagine yourself sitting on a beach …. maybe a more isolated beach where there's not so many people. Or, maybe you're walking or hiking on a snow-covered mountain. Or maybe you're just in your local area and you are enjoying one of the many hiking trails throughout the parks in your area. What is it about these experiences that you really, really appreciate? For me, personally, I can tell you …. besides being away from all the people and all the cars, away from the city.... besides all that, it is the fresh air that I am able to enjoy and breathe in. Because I know that air is clean.

But did you know 90% of the air you breathe is NOT from the "great outdoors"?

3 Ways Gut And Heart Health Are Connected

After years of increased focus on encouraging life style changes to increase exercise and improve diets, heart disease is still the #1 cause of death. Clearly, something else is behind this alarming death rate.

Scientists are discovering new things every day about how our gut affects the rest of our body.  And, it all has to do with the microbiome, or the bacteria community, that lives in our gut.  

Since the gut literally "feeds" every part of your body it only makes sense that there is a "gut-heart" connection. So, by showing your gut some love ... you will be showing love to your heart. 

Are you up for the challenge?

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