Ways To Keep Your Lymphatic System Moving

Unlike the cardiovascular circulatory system, the lymphatic circulatory system does not have a heart or "pump" to keep the fluid moving.  The lymphatic system is a huge part of the immune system helping to keep it strong and to prevent various cancers.  Therefore, movement is crucial for the waste in the fluid, or lymph, to be filtered out and then returned to the bloodstream. 

There are many different factors that can contribute to a stagnant lymph system.  Many of them have to do with "lifestyle".  Sometimes, for medical reasons, lymph nodes may be removed.  So, how can someone improve the function of their lymphatic system?

  • Find a lymphatic massage specialist
    • decongestive lymphatic therapy (DLT) massage moves smooth muscles to help transport fluid through the lymph vessels 
  • Do a lymphatic massage yourself using this great resource.
  • Drink, Drink, Drink WATER!!!
  • Do hydrotherapy
    • switch between hot and cold water and steam to open capillaries to release toxins and to stimulate your circulation
  • Detox using apple cider vinegar (ACV)
    • being acidic the ACV binds to toxins to remove them from the body.  ACV also promotes circulation and liver detox
  • Cardio and Strength-training workouts
    • cardio keeps the cardiac system moving
    • sweat helps drain the lymphatic system
    • trampoline > jumping helps move lymph from sinus to throat and vice-versa
    • strength-training aerobic exercises push lymph through the muscles to drain 
  • Wear comfortable clothing
  • Deep breathing serves as a "pump" for the lymphatic system
    • nutrient-rich and cleansing for the body
  • Berries, seeds, citrus and greens are healthy fibers that scrape toxins from the digestive system
  • Dry skin brushing
Certain essential oils, because of their lymphatic-stimulating and anti-inflammatory properties, are often used in lymphatic massage promoting free lymph circulation and reducing tissue swelling. Citrus oils such as lime, orange, grapefruit, lemon and tangerine are, not only, known to have cleansing properties but can stimulate the lymph and are diuretics as well.  Cypress and Geranium are also excellent oils for lymphatic massage.  The important thing when using essential oils is to be sure to use oils that are organic or guaranteed to be free of pesticides and adulteration. You are trying to stimulate the lymph to move toxins out .... not add any.  So, be sure to do your homework or check out the ones I use here.  Try this Lymphatic System Blend recipe:

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Digestive Effect Of A Stagnant Lymph System

Your lymph system is your body's built-in "sanitation" system.  A sanitation system's job is to filter out and remove poisonous waste products.  Your lymph system is the "plumbing" that carries away these waste products from every cell, tissue and organ.  

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