Are you looking for a story of hope and resilience?

Freedom from acute Lyme Disease

How I regained my health naturally 

You can too!

Discover a deeply personal narrative, allowing you to walk through the daily highs and lows, the intense emotions, relentless frustrations, and even the indescribable pain of battling Lyme Disease. You’ll gain invaluable insights into the healing process, uncovering the power of your mindset, and learn how self-care can transform your journey.

"This sounds too good to be true. Can one book really make a difference in my battle against Lyme Disease?" Here’s the truth: While this book doesn't replace professional medical advice, it outlines everything I personally did ... from research to application ... to give my body what it needed to tackle this invasion successfully. My personal story and practicality will empower you to take control of your own healing journey with renewed hope and determination.

Here’s what you’ll discover:
- Determination and Perseverance: My personal strategies for overcoming Lyme Disease.
- Mindset Mastery: The pivotal role of positive thinking in battling chronic illness.
- Inspiration & Motivation: Find the drive to keep fighting for your well-being.
- Emotional Resilience: How to handle the emotional rollercoaster of chronic illness.
- Medical System Navigation: Learn to advocate effectively for your health.
- Discover Your Strength: Uncovering resilience you didn't know you had.
- Hope for Healing: Inspiration for your own path to recovery.

What would you do with regained freedom?

Regain your freedom to ...

  • run, hike, bike
  • enjoy friends, family, grandchildren
  • make your favorite recipes
  • play in your garden
  • do the things you want to do

All of this is possible

Are you ready to do what it takes to feel better and get your freedom back?

Are you ready to stop losing hours ... days ... every week because of the severe inability to function?

I was given "three weeks of antibiotics". Three weeks after that last antibiotic dose I found myself in the doctor's office anxiously waiting for my Lyme test results. The pain I was experiencing was so intense I was barely able to make the hour drive by myself. Once I was there I couldn't sit or stand for any length of time in one place. I was pacing back and forth in his office while he attempted to discuss the results with me.
"This is one of the worst cases of Lyme I have ever seen", said the doctor.
"One of the worst cases of Lyme" ... even after three weeks of antibiotics!! Can you imagine what a blow this was?!

This is why you need this book. 

All of my research, results and daily protocols have been completely outlined for you.

No need for you to deal with the overwhelm.

Here is your easy button. 

Are you ready to join me as a Lyme Warrior?