Digestive Effect Of A Stagnant Lymph System

Your lymph system is your body's built-in "sanitation" system.  A sanitation system's job is to filter out and remove poisonous waste products.  Your lymph system is the "plumbing" that carries away these waste products from every cell, tissue and organ.  

Why does eating "gluten" have an effect? 

How Are Grief and Sadness Connected to Constipation and Asthma?

When I was in my 30's I noticed I would get chest congestion or bronchitis every month and I have always struggled with sluggish plumbing in the southern hemisphere.....if you know what I mean.  Little did I know then that the two could be connected.  

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) specific emotions are associated with our internal organs.  There can be a physical cause, an emotional (internal) cause, or a combination of both as reasons for health occurrences.