Is Your Health Protocol Like a Dandelion?

What do I mean by "your health protocol"?  For the purpose of this article, I am referring to protocol as your guideline for managing health concerns or whatever you do on a daily basis to support your health journey.  What is your routine "go-to" when you get an unexpected pain, muscle ache, skin issue or digestive concerns?

Do you opt for the "quick-relief method" and reach for that bottle of Tylenol, TUMS, tube of Aspercreme or any other over-the-counter product?  Or, do you just leave things as is hoping it will go away on its own?

If these are your go-to options, how are they working for you?  Is it a one-and-down, everything is good going forward?  Or, do those symptoms later return....again, and again, and again....perhaps, as time goes by, even with increased intensity?

If this is you, then your health protocol is like a dandelion.  The easy and quickest way to get rid of dandelions is to mow them off.  The yard will look great...pristine and unblemished ......... for awhile,  After a few weeks, maybe even a few days, those bright, yellow flowers start popping up again.  Why?

Mowing is just a band-aid........a temporary fix.  It will look great on the surface, but what is underneath is where the problem lies.......the root.  As long as the root is still there, that dandelion will continue to come back again, and again,....and, again.  Dandelions are actually a "symptom" that there is something wrong.....something imbalance in the nutrients of your yard's soil.  

Those aches, pains, skin issues, digestive issues and so forth are your body's way of telling you there is something wrong. This is not just a surface issue but may involve an imbalance in your body.  So, reaching for that bottle or tube of relief is really just providing a temporary fix ..... a band-aid.  And, it will continue to come back again ..... and, again ...... and, again .... until you start digging deeper and asking "why" to get to the actual "root" or cause.  

For example, there are so many affected by changes in the barometric air pressure either by headaches or joint aches.  I have to ask "why"?  And, "why" doesn't everyone get a headache?  And, "why" are some afflicted with respiratory concerns and others with no energy?  Since we are all different each person needs to ask their "why". 

So, what is your protocol for managing your health journey?  Is it like a dandelion?  

How is that working for you?

Want to figure out the "why"?  Start with my free guide and figure out what may be "triggering" your symptoms.