2 Tips to Help Reduce Body Odor

2 Tips to Help Reduce Body Odor
Let’s start by addressing the elephant in the room. We ALL have body odor in one way, shape or form. There is just no getting around that. The question is what is the best way to manage and reduce it?

High Fiber Foods
Fiber is something we need but it is something that just does not break down easily, if at all, in the digestive system. So, it goes without saying that high fiber foods are even worse. Once fiber enters the colon it reacts with bacteria to form gas, and, well, you know the rest of THAT story!

Cruciferous foods like broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage are good examples of high fiber foods and what happens after we eat them.

These foods contain high sulfur-containing compounds that break down into hydrogen sulfite. This is that rotten egg smell you may remember from your high school chemistry days. 

"What Can Help" - Portion Control
Now these foods have lots of health benefits so just because they can cause our body to emit odors does not mean they should not be eaten. The key is to figure out how much your body can handle at one sitting. For some people 1/4 cup is more than enough versus a whole bowl for example.

Another reason we may have odor emanating from our bodies could be built-up toxins. This may be due to an inefficient liver.

The liver works hard to remove toxins from our blood. If the liver becomes sluggish and inefficient, these toxins can build up in other areas of the body and cause the colon and kidney to become overloaded. When the colon and kidneys are overloaded then toxin elimination through the normal process gets backed up. Our body’s next option is to secrete these toxins through our skin, the largest eliminatory organ. 

"What Can Help" - Increase Greens
Greens contain high amounts of an antioxidant called chlorophyll. Chlorophyll helps reduce body odor in several ways:

  • Neutralizes odor-causing compounds
  • Cleanses the liver of toxins allowing it to function more efficiently
  • Lightens the burden of the colon and digestive tract by supporting the liver allowing elimination to take place through the normal route instead of through the skin
Chlorophyll may also reduce harmful cholesterol levels, increase energy, promote hormone balance, provide arthritis & fibromyalgia relief and even help with weight loss.

There are many chlorophyll-rich “green” foods such as spinach, watercress, kale, chard, spirulina, alfalfa, chlorella. Try adding some of these to your next smoothie or sandwich. You can even add them to your soups and stove-top dishes. 

If adding greens to your food doesn't thrill you or a quick, easy, on-the-go route is preferred then try a supplement like this one. Any way you introduce them it all adds up to clean air from the inside out.

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