Improve Productivity By Decluttering The Mind

Einstein is quoted as saying "Nothing happens until something moves".  

Movement means action or activity.  But not all movement or action is productive.  Sometimes, we do things that does not utilize our time, or our actions, wisely. This can lead to a whole host of undesirables that include frustration and eventually inactivity. The goal is to be productive and using the least amount of energy and time in doing so. 

How To Improve Your Productivity
Many years ago a highly educated man described how he was able to be productive. He said, "The way I am running is not aimlessly. The way I am aiming my blows, is so not to be striking the air".  In other words, he was not just chasing after the wind or heading in any direction or path that came within his vision like a squirrel who gets side-tracked with every distraction or temptation.  Using energy in this way just wears a person out without anything to show for it.  You want your energy and actions to count for something ..... to serve a purpose.

Decluttering The Mind
To be successful, you need to be motivated.  Positivity is needed for motiviation.  Being purposeful is needed for positiviity.

When the mind is cluttered it is difficult to be focused and purposeful.  Think of the mind like a computer.  Whatever "data" we decide to "input" into our brains it will file it away some place. Eventually, the computer becomes "fragmented".  There are bits and pieces taking up space inefficiently and reducing performance ability.  Unless "defragmentation" is performed the computer will start process more slowly and eventually fail to funtion at all.

The brain can function in the same way.  When "bits and pieces" of information is fed to the brain it may not know where to store it and this "data" just takes up space.  One example might be health.  There is a ton of information that can take you down so many different paths.  However, trying to do them all can be like "chasing the wind" or like a squirrel who takes the long way aroung to get to its destination.  

A cluttered brain leads to overwhelm and no forward motion.  It is like being "stuck" in the mud.... just sitting there being stagnant.  Stagnation leads to stagnation, frustration and no progress.  Rather than feel like a failure try "defragmenting" the mind, removing "data" not pertinent at the moment or not serving the purpose can allow the brain to focus better and help you see the best path to take for your specific health journey.  Start with the option that fits your current needs and budget.  Then move on from there.  The important thing is to start some place and complete it so you can move on to the next opportunity to grow. 

Having a concise place to start is always beneficial.  You might want to consider some of these classes and freebies.