Who loves the smell of "fresh baked bread"? 🙋‍♀️

What memories does it bring back for you? My mom always bought the frozen bread dough loaves. Frozen or freshly-made I remember coming home from school to that yeasty smell and couldn't wait to have fresh slices of bread ... watching the butter melt ... and topping with my favorite strawberry jam.

Doesn't matter if they are natural or synthetic, smells and fragrances can evoke fond and loving memories ... like scented candles. They are certainly easier than baking bread for bringing back memories!

Unfortunately, just because you love a scent, doesn't mean it will love you. In fact, it takes only an hour of burning a candle to produce the same effects of smoking a single cigarette. No wonder synthetic scents are the new "second-hand smoke"!

This is only one of the "deadly sins" of synthetic fragrances and why I choose to use natural fragrances that actually "clean the air" rather than polluting it with such dangerous chemicals. 

Natural doesn't have to be complicated. There are definitely alternatives that are easier, simpler ... and healthier ... than scented candles. You can find a few suggestions here


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