When Life Throws You Lemons .... Make Ketchup!!
When I was growing up it seemed only natural that every meal was served with the Classic American Condiment …. ketchup (or catsup as some know it).

Ketchup Eating Styles:

I personally enjoyed ketchup on scrambled eggs. But better yet were potato chips. After coming home from school, I would grab some potato chips and squirt ketchup on them before popping into my mouth ....one ....savory ....chip ....at a time. 😋

We cannot forget the ketchup sandwich eater (you know who you are). This requires one slice of white bread with ketchup squirted on half of the bread and then carefully fold the slice of bread in half.

And, of course, there are the saucy ketchup eaters. They cannot eat ketchup alone. It must be mixed with something else like mayo or horseradish.

Last but not least are the “dry” eaters … those that wouldn’t touch the stuff with a ten-foot pole …. unless, of course, it was added to their burger without their knowledge. (It was the fastest eaten burger ever …. you know who you are 😂)

A Little History:

Originally “Catsup” was made without any tomatoes by the British. It actually referred to any “spiced” sauce. The original recipe contained oysters, cloves, cayenne, cherries, walnuts, vinegars, mace and more.

It was the Americans who added tomatoes and changed the name to “ketchup”. It was declared "America’s National Condiment” in 1896 to be found on every table in the land. The NASA program even sent it into space with the Astronauts.

When Life Throws You Lemons …. Make Ketchup!!

As much as I love ketchup, it is, unfortunately, a nightshade vegetable. This means it can be an inflammatory food for some. 🙋‍♀️ Yep …. that’s me.

So, what does a person do when tomatoes become lemons?

Well, I could do the “whoa is me” routine and focus on what I can’t do. That just is not my style. I am more the half-glass full kind of person. There is always more than one way of doing everything and food is no different. When life throws you lemons …. you make ketchup.

Here is a recipe I use and it is a good one. In fact, since it doesn't contain any tomatoes, could it be the original "Catsup"?  Of course, it does not contain any "oysters" either! 😝 Be sure to use the exact amounts or one flavor will overpower the others. I will say I also added some ground allspice and an additional drop of clove essential oil.
Yep, this is great on burgers. I am sure it is great on eggs, chips, and in those special sauces too!

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