If you have ever observed animals .... deer for example .... you will notice they prefer to take the path of least resistance. And, when it comes to "weight loss", humans are no different. A recent survey indicated:
  • 60% of Americans want to feel healthier
  • 51% want to lose weight by exercising and diet changes
Is Gluten-Free Healthy and Good for Weight Loss?
If you have celiac or other autoimmune conditions, you know the impact "inflammation" has.  There is a direct correlation between the increase of inflammation with increased weight gain.  There are many things in life that contribute to inflammation and many of these you may not have any control over.  "Gluten" is an inflammation "trigger".  You .... and only you .... are the master of what you eat and what goes into your mouth. 

Gluten-Free does not mean "calorie-free".  Snacks are snacks whether they are gluten-free or not and are high in calories.  In addition .... many gluten-free snacks contain "empty" calories or other foods that contribute to inflammation like processed white rice, corn and sugar.  Gluten can also be hidden in ingredients so be sure to read the labels. An apple and gluten-free sugar cookies are both gluten-free.  Their nutrients .... and calories .... however, are drastically different.

To eat healthy, reduce inflammation and increase weight loss on a gluten-free diet, it is important to do the following:
  • eliminate ALL sources of gluten - even a little bit will do damage for months (grain free is also recommended)
  • exercise - helps with weight loss, mental and emotional balance and supports all body functions
  • reduce high-carb foods - even "good" carbs (legumes, fruits can stimulate insulin production which stimulates hunger)
  • watch your total calories - replace those breads and cereals with more nutrient-dense foods
  • avoid processed gluten-free foods - potato chips are always great but the calories are still there ... gluten-free or not
Whether you are choosing a gluten-free diet or it is out of necessity, the important thing is to be consistent.  Instead of looking at what you are "missing", try viewing it as a new learning adventure searching out fun and creative recipes. Of course, you need to know what to look for and I have done all that research for you here.  If you are looking for gluten-free and vegan all in one, this is the perfect option for a complete meal replacement.

Not sure if this is right for you?  Identify the areas of support your body needs here.  

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