Let's be honest .... most like to think they are in control of their lives.  For the most part, that may be true.  However, the reality is that a large portion of your "life" is uncontrollable .... the elements, genetics, unforeseen circumstances .... are not controllable.  What you do .... how you react ..... to the "uncontrollable" will determine how "life" unfolds for you .... how resilient you will be.  

Knowing this fact .... having this "awareness" .... could be the difference in being "in the storm" swept and blown away by the wind and rain .... versus "watching the storm" pass by while sitting next to a warm and cozy fire. 

Are you in the storm or watching it?
The best way to stay out of the storm is to do a "daily checkin".  Why is this important?
  • helps to avoid the "storm's" effects
  • allows you to be grounded and self-aware
  • helps you to evaluate
    • what is causing unsettling and unfomfortable feelings?
    • what is going right in your life right now?
    • think about the last 7 days:
      • have you felt overwhelmed?
      • have you enjoyed any great meals?
      • have you moved your body enough?
      • are you getting enough rest?
      • have you performed any acts of service recently?
      • what has made you smile lately?
Self-assessment questions like these can help you develop a self-care plan of awareness to your specific needs.  Each of you is unique which means your plan may not be the same as mine or your friend, Suzi. The important thing is to develop a plan.  Not only is it critical to your well-being, it will also help you navigate through life's events in a more constructive way.  

Don't allow the storms of life to paralyze you.  Even though a self-care plan is a personal matter, having some assistance .... a GPS as it were .... to help guide you is always beneficial.  This GPS is one way that really takes the guesswork out of your next step. 


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