**Updated 1/2/2023**

Most of the time the way your mind's eye sees things is how it will be.  Your life will take that path.  So, where in that path do you place the importance of health?

Start with a list of "priorities" with the most important being at the top.  And, because it is a no-brainer that your religion or your faith would normally be at the top, let's just leave it out for the purpose of this discussion. Now, create a second list placing things of "value" ..... things you are willing to invest money on ..... latest technology (cell phone, tablets, etc), car, home, etc.

How do your two lists compare?  Are they the same or different?  Where is "health" on your lists? Do you view health as an "expense" or and "investment"?

Unfortunately, health is not valued until it is lost. Losing something means it has been "diminished", that it has "escaped from" or is "no longer in your possession". From an emotional and/or physical perspective of health this would pertain to any kind of "decline" or the loss following a "tragic event"

Now, of the things you spend money on each month, make a list of those items you would be most willing to sacrifice and with the top item being the easiest to cut-back on.  Where is "health" placed on this list?  Is it at the bottom?  Better yet, is it not on this list at all? Unfortunately, for whatever reason, health seems to be the easiest item to be reduced or eliminated.  

Basically, if you do not make time for your health now, you will be making time for illness later.  Pay now or pay later.  It is this investment that will allow you to do all those other things you love and will keep you around longer to enjoy your kids and grandkids, family and friends. 

Good or bad, health has the greatest consequences of our lifestyle choices ..... "be proactive not reactive".  

So, how do you view your health .... expense or investment?

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