If I asked you what one thing is absolutely vital for life, what would you say?  Some might answer the heart or the brain or maybe even the liver.  All of these would be great answers as they are all needed for life.  

Ultimately, however, there is one thing that ties them all together and is crucial for life.  That is your "lymphatic system".  Loss of the lymphatic system would literally be fatal within a day.  Why is that?  Consider what would happen if your lymphatic system was not present in your body.

What Happens Without A Lymphatic System
  • Inability to drain excess fluid
  • Tissues would swell
  • Cells would literally drown or become stagnant
  • Breeding grounds for infections would develop
  • Massive adema would develop and your body would eventually look like a balloon
  • Tissue death
  • Accumlation of dead, disintegrated cells, harmful bacteria and viruses
In a nutshell, your lymphatic system is responsible for monitoring your body fluids .... keeping them in balance .... and clearing away infections.  It drains fluid that has leaked from the blood vessels into the tissues and empties it back into the bloodstream. This helps to maintain the proper "volume" in the blood vessels.  Without this "volume", blood vessels can collapse causing the heart to work harder and increase pressure eventually causing the heart and other organs to shut down.  So, having a healthy lymphatic system is truly vital for life. 

When detoxing, it is important to keep the lymph channels open so the toxins being released will get flushed out instead of being deposited in other areas of the body.  This Lymph Boosting Juice is rich in betalain and anthocyanin.  They are powerful antioxidants that double as anti-inflammatory agents that support detoxification.  

Sometimes, for medical reasons, the surgical removal of lymph nodes is necessary.  This may result in the build-up of fluid.  My next blog will discuss ways to keep on top of fluid build-up, as well as, other nutritional suggestons.  

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