Summer is a time of fairs, holidays, local festivals and travel. Along with these are foods you may not normally eat ... corndogs ... cotton candy ... funnel cakes ... snow cones ... iced blended coffee drinks ... nachos, etc. and extra alcohol. Rather than feeling refreshed, all of these things that make summer fun and exciting can actually backfire leaving you feeling foggy, bloated and lacking energy.  

There is a definite gut/brain connection so healing your gut will not only help your gut feel better but it will help your brain as well to improve that fogginess you may be experiencing.  

How to heal your gut
  • eliminate or greatly reduce sugar, fried and processed food, alcohol, and carbs
    • these foods create "cravings" to want more ... may not be easy but you will thank yourself later
  • avoid gluten
  • drink a nightly healing beverage like this one blended with warm water:
    • cacao – packed with antioxidants, boosts your serotonin levels, reduces stress levels, promotes relaxation, and so much more (for those who cannot have cacao try carob with it's own list of benefits)
    • medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) - a fatty acid that 
      • improves brain function
      • helps with weight management
      • boosts energy
      • improves mood
    • collagen – important amino acid that is
      • literally the glue that holds your body together
      • amino acid that is essential to connective tissues
      • helps heal the lining and function of your gastrointestinal tract
    • L-glutamine – amino acid essential to your body
      • known for its ability to heal your gut. Glutamine actually 
      • tightens the joints of your intestinal wall and prevents toxins and waste from leaking out into your body, causing all kinds of illness.  
    • cinnamon – besides adding flavor
      • excellent source of antioxidants
      • fights inflammation
      • balances blood pressure
      • reduces factors that contribute to heart disease
    • cayenne – great for improving blood circulation and digestion. (omit if auto-immune on AIP diets)
    • Stevia – takes the edge off that cacao and makes this incredibly delicious. But, honestly, if you use the referenced carob, it is totally naturally sweet on it's own.
  • increase your probiotic use
  • activated charcoal - great for getting toxins out of your digestive system; do not eat it with other beneficial food like probiotics, etc
  • vitamin D - vital for a healthy immune system and healing your gut
  • bone broth - packed with collagen and glutamine for healing your gut
The more of these tips you are able to incorporate into your program, the faster your gut will heal.  Don't be overwhelmed by this list, however, and do nothing. The important thing is to start somewhere and by incorporating just one or two of these suggestions you will be on the road to "healing your gut after summer fun"!

Want to get a protocol that is more tailored to you?  You can find a couple of alternative suggestions here



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