Oxidation: How is it affecting you?

You may not realize it but "oxidation" is something that affects your everyday life. Fruits and vegetables ripen through the process of oxidation. Cut apples turn brown if not eaten immediately. This is oxidation. When bread is toasted, when meat is seared, the burning of firewood ... these are all examples of oxidation. And, let's not forget the rust spot that appears on your favorite car or truck. 

Oxidation is also a natural process in the human body that happens as a result of your metabolism. When your cells utilize oxygen for energy production, they also produce free radicals as byproducts. If not counteracted by antioxidants, these free radicals can harm cells, proteins, and DNA. This is called oxidative stress.


Be Intentional: Why Do You Bloat After Eating

In this blog post, I discuss the importance of being intentional about your health and understanding the different types of bloating that can occur. Whether it's protein bloat, starchy foods bloat, dietary fats bloat, or sugars/fibers bloat, each type requires a unique approach for relief.


Do You Have "Sinus"?

Experiencing the discomfort of a constant drippy nose or post nasal drip ... perhaps chalking it up to "sinus" ... seems to be a common phrase. "Sinus" is so common even "Kaa" can relate!

Protect Your Cell's Batteries

Your cell's battery ... or mitochondria ... is important for your overall health and wellness providing the energy you need. What damages this battery?

Is Procrastination Getting The Best of Your Enthusiasm?

Enthusiasm is like a volcano, erupting with energy and inspiration. It has the power to propel you forward, leaving no room for doubt or hesitation. How can you harness this power and not allow procrastination to get in your way?
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