Zyto Review Summary Tool!

Want the ability to share scan results with your client on a "big" screen?
Are you or your clients detail-minded and like to see the "whole" picture?
Have you been looking for an easy and convenient way to email a summary of the Zyto scan report?
Are you a troubleshooter? 
BONUS POINTS if you are!!

Want to reduce the information "overwhelm"?
Then you are in the right place!
What this means for you and your clients:
👉 Sharable, easy-to-view format
👉 Compare data categories in 7 separate summaries
👉 Capture biomarker trends
👉 See the total number of systems impacted by each product
👉 Troubleshoot underlying issues
👉 Email summarized reports in a convenient format
👉 Reduce the information "overwhelm"

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What you get ......
Complete Video Training 

This system is completely adaptable to your level of involvement and detail. 
  • How to enter data
  • How to update data lists
  • How to update and modify the summary tables and settings
  • How to modify cell values, cell characteristics, and data sorting