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Hey Everyone!!
I have been a member with Young Living since 2012.  However, for the first couple of years I never really used oils very much because I did not know how.  I had not received any education.

Once I started receiving the "know-how" and saw how they were helping my family get their health back on track. I just started sharing that information with others.  It is like anything you love....your doctor, dentist, favorite recipe, or vacation spot.... you just want to tell others about it.

Researching and trouble-shooting is right up my alley.  I really love to share the things I learn and help others to do the same.  So, telling others what I know and love about Young Living was a natural stepping stone to the Young Living Opportunity.  Being able to do it my way makes it so enjoyable. 

 After watching the video feel free to reach out to me so we can chat about the next steps.