On this page, you'll find my published works. I am passionate about everything I do and these publications are no different. 

These publications revolve around personal experiences and needs.
So, am I passionate about these subjects? Absolutely!!

There is no other planner on the market like this one. This planner allows for greater flexibility to get the tasks done .... just as in nature. There are no "hourly" time slots in nature. Tasks are done in "time-blocks" as natural elements allow.
2023 Planner

Hey there!! I searched and searched for a planner that matched the way I do things and could not find what I was looking for. So, I created this one you can plan your schedule for a day-at-a-glance by week for every month

So much less stressful to just focus on what needs to be done for the day .... not, necessarily, by each hour. However, there is still flexibility to schedule specific appointments.

Simple and easy .... this is how I roll.

NEW this year is a monthly To-Do List and Important Dates List.

Do you think outside of the box? This simple, flexible and easy to use planner is for you If you:
  • post on social media and use multiple platforms
  • incorporate themes
  • day at-a-glance by week
  • do meal planning or blogging
  • use multiple platforms
  • have weekly scheduled events
  • prefer "time-blocking"
Enjoy the flexibility of having a to-do list without being stuck to those annoying hourly time-frames. This format allows you to think outside the box. Use the "platform" column to schedule where to post on social media or use it for a special time oriented task or appointment. This is just one example of the flexibility of this format. There is no limit to how your imagination can fit this planner to your specific needs.

Lyme Disease
How I Became a Warrior
(work in progress)
Welcome to my 9 month journey from the initial onset to being in complete remission. Experience what I experienced by day ... by week ... and by month.