Step One

Create your Young Living account using my link

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Step Two

Select "Create an Account"

Step Three

Select your  "Country" and "Language"

Select "Continue"

Step Four

Complete your personal information.

Please make a note of your created "password".
This will be needed for future orders.

#1395875 is my personal Young Living identification number. 
This number identifies me as your support and resource person. 

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Here you have the choice of:
~ adding items to order 
~ signing out and ordering later

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To Place an Order 

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In the "search" box enter a key word or item # and hit "enter"

Select the item and how many you would like. 


1. add to "cart"
2. add to subscription (auto ship)

How To Unlock The 24% Discount

1. any 100 pv (approximately $100) order (cart or subscription) will unlock the 24% discount for a year

2. add a minimum of 1 item to subscription (auto ship) to arrive every month, every 2 months or every 3 months.  

These items can be switched out as needed. Discount will continue to be applied as long as items continue to remain on subscription.  

Any subscription order of 50pv or more earns "reward" points. **

**Earn back 
~10% for the first 3 months of "consecutive" subscription orders of  50pv or more
~ 20% after 4 months of "consecutive" subscription orders of 50pv or more
~ 25% after 24 months of "consecutive" subscription orders of 50pv or more

What Is "PV"?
"PV" is the "point value" that has been assigned to a product.  Most of the time it is the same as the dollar amount but not always.  So, always look at the "PV" amount to be sure you are reaching your goal for your order. 

The example on the left is where the "PV" value is the same as the dollar amount.

The example on the right is where the "PV" value is NOT the same as the dollar amount.