Nutrient-Dense Food Class 

Today we live in a fast-paced, fast-food world.

Many do not have time to prepare nutritious foods.

Most food today has been grown on depleted soil. 

As a result, health issues have increased causing many to find physical, emotional, environmental challenges or autoimmune disorders that can further inhibit our absorption of nutrients.   

My 14-Day Nutrient-Dense Food Challenge is a great introduction to discovering ways to increase nutrition despite a busy lifestyle.   

What You Will Discover....

  • Which foods are nutrient-dense 

  • Which foods are NOT nutrient-dense

  • Why nutrient-dense foods are important

  • Why those with Celiac, Crohn's, Ulcerative Colitis, etc need nutrient-dense foods

  • What are micronutrients? 

  • Why "greens" are important 

  • The importance of the colors of the "rainbow" 

  • How to increase nutrient-dense foods in your day-to-day life

It’s important to know that not all foods are created equal!
The goal is to get the most nutrition from what we eat rather than flushing it away. 
Remember deficiencies and toxins can be a trigger that limits your freedom. 
You can’t just go out to a retailer and trust that you’re getting the good stuff without any of the bad along with it.  
Fortunately for you, I’ve done the research and can show you how it is done!  Are you ready?