Simply Spring Young Living Day 2024
Are you ready for this? 
Give your home a spring refresh and bask in the beauty of this season with these exciting NEW PRODUCTS!! 🌱 A fresh new collection of Simplified oils, a delicious hand soap concentrate (amazing scent AND less waste!), a perfect spring perfume roller, diffusers on sale, springtime survival tools, and more!

New releases go live on the website
beginning 10:00 am (CST) Saturday, April 6, 2024


If this is your first-time ever order with Young Living, you can save 20% ... site-wide ... on your first-time order of 50pv (approximately $50).

**Through April 30

Stack that 20% on top of the additional 24% discount when your first-time order totals 100pv (approximately $100) or more sitewide. 

**Through April 30


Available as a set or individually! With carrier oil removed!
Take a trip to exotic locations with these spring-inspired blends! Whether you're inahing the deep lavender floral notes of the Mona Fields, basking in the vanilla citrus vibes of a Pompeii Sunrise, or enjoying a little orange spice with Tunisian Blossom, you cannot go wrong with these blends! AND these new formulations have the carrier oil removed so you get even more delicious oil scent!

Wholesale $42.50 I Retail $55.92 I 42.50PV


Fragrant herbs, freshly turned soil, and crisp mountain air— there's no better smell on earth! The Mona Fields essential oil blend invites you to picture yourself in a place of pure peace and relaxation, surrounded by the fresh scents of lavender, goldenrod, and clary sage. Inspired by the Mona, Utah lavender fields, this blend is a lavender floral mix that makes you think of a spring garden in bloom! Orange, Clary Sage, Lavender, Goldenrod, and Davana – oh my! Available in the collection or as an individual blend.

Individual blend: Wholesale $35 I Retail $46.05 I 35PV


Take a trip to Pompeii's blue skies and ancient ruins, where citrus trees once bloomed and filled the air with their sweet, tangy scent. Pompeii Sunrise essential oil blend combines zesty oils with fresh Peppermint essential oil and warm Vanilla oleoresin for the perfect springtime scent. This vanilla citrus fusion perfect for any time of day! Grapefruit, Lemon, Lime, Orange, and Peppermint meet Vanilla oleoresin for an incredibly uplifting blend that is a wonderful way to start your day. Available in the collection or as an individual blend.

Individual blend: Wholesale $35 I Retail $46.05 I 35PV


Lush floral and sunny citrus essential oils transport your senses to the balmy Mediterranean shores, where the scent of orange blossoms fills the fresh sea air. Made for diffusing or wearing as a personal scent, this blend offers a simple, luxurious alternative to candles, air fresheners, and synthetic fragrances. A little orange and a little spice, just like the city namesake itself! Orange, Bergamot, Neroli, and Xiang Mao combine for a blend that makes you think of a Mediterranean getaway. Available in the collection or as an individual blend.

Individual blend: Wholesale $35 I Retail $46.05 I 35PV


Immerse yourself in the bubbly bliss of Pink Champagne Foaming Hand Soap! Inspired by the Simplified by Jacob + Kait Pink Champagne essential oil blend, this foaming hand soap captures the lively, fun feeling of the blend in every pump. Infused with the same blend of Grapefruit, Camphor, Jasmine, Ylang Ylang, and Cistus essential oils, this hand soap transforms routine hand washing into an affair to remember. Plus, this champagne- inspired soap's sparkle is sustainable! It arrives at your home as a concentrate that both pampers your hands and minimizes your footprint with its innovative and eco-conscious delivery method. Simply add the Pink Champagne concentrate to 6 ounces of water in our reusable foaming hand soap bottle and pump to celebrate clean hands and a cleaner planet.

Includes a 2 oz Pink Champagne Foaming Hand Soap Concentrate and an 8 oz glass foaming hand soap dispenser.

Wholesale $24 I Retail $31.58 I 11.25PV

Includes two 2 oz concentrate refill bottles.

Wholesale $28 I Retail $36.84 I 22.50PV


Cheers to a bubbly, fruity, and fabulously non-synthetic personal scent. Make everyday feel like a celebration with this fun, fruity blend – now in a roll-on! Now with a brushed-silver cap and scent notes on the label, this rollerball scent is perfectly sized for daily wear and travel. Whether you're out on the town or having a solo dance-off at home, let the sparkling notes of Grapefruit, romantic Jasmine, and playful Ylang Ylang make every moment a celebration. Available for a limited time only!

Wholesale $35 I Retail $46.05 I 35PV

SPRING DIFFUSERS - Limited Time Only!
Our diffusers are running 24/7, purifying the air in our homes, creating a welcoming environment, and supporting our health all at the same time! Snag one of these limited time diffusers and bring the scents of spring into your space!

MACAROON DIFFUSER Wholesale $81 I Retail $106.58 I 52.76PVThis ceramic diffuser is perfect for any space! With its high mist output and sleek design, this diffuser is a wonderful addition to your home care routine.

FRESH START DIFFUSER Wholesale $29.95 I Retail $39.41 I 10PVThis sleek diffuser has a minimalist vibe, making it a lovely addition to any room. It also makes a wonderful gift!

Wholesale $42.50 I Retail $55.92 I 42.50PV

When the flowers start blooming, the pollen starts flying, and many of us start sniffling! Meet your new springtime sidekick, Season Essentials essential oil blend! This oil blend is specially formulated with a tried-and-true trio of three core oils—Lavender, Lemon, and Peppermint – our go-tos when the seasons (and air quality!) change! But it gets better. Season Essentials blend is further enhanced with the properties of Goldenrod and Eucalyptus Blue essential oils so that you can embrace the changing seasons with open arms!

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EinLife {Charitable Meals}

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One Meal: Item #46440 | $2.65 | 2.50PV
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20-Pack Meals: Item #47102 | $53 | 50PV

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