My Freedom Journey....

I am a Health and Wellness Educator with a focus on a Healthy LIfestyle and gut health. My entire adult life I have had an interest in health. So, when I sought medical guidance for some health issues … the offered solutions just didn’t make sense and were not acceptable to me so I started researching and figuring things out for myself.

I want to be clear that I do not diagnose. I share what I have learned and continue to learn over the past 40 yrs focusing on ways to improve and enjoy life despite physical, emotional & environmental challenges. Everyone is different in what their body needs and how it reacts so ideally this is done on a 1:1 basis. 

I have been diagnosed with Celiac, Hypothyroid, Hashimoto’s … which I have successfully overcome ... and last year contracted Lyme’s and have overcome this as well. The protocol I used proved effective as I am no longer testing positive for 11 of the 12 antibodies. In addition, I have MCS (multiple chemical sensitivities) and food sensitivities. 

Before all of this, however, our son was sick often and we found out he had food allergies and allergies to mold.  So, attention needed to be given to diet. More was needed, however, so I started utilizing acupuncture, herbs and homeopathy ... I was fondly referred to as the "Homeopathy Queen".  This worked quite well raising our children but there still seemed to be something else that was missing regarding health.

In 1986 we moved into a "newly built" house.  Then next year after my husband used "gulf-course strength" herbicide on our new yard he immediately developed a lump on the base of his head, his head was sensitive to the touch, and his thumb was "involuntarily" twitching backwards and touching his arm! According to "Poison Control" a person would need to be doused in the stuff to have any dire effects.  I called our acupuncturist and asked if he could work on his liver since it is the detoxifying organ. My husband walked out of that office with no more thumb twitching, the lump gone and the touch sensitivity greatly reduced. 

In 1990 I started cleaning houses and after a year of using the typical cleaning products ... Pledge, etc ... I had to give the job up. I barely had the energy to function and think.  

Still, I was not connecting all of the dots until we gave a young friend a ride to a function.  The drive was about 10-15 minutes and by the time we reached our destination, both my husband and I could barely function.  And, despite having eaten a good breakfast, I had this "deep-pitted" hunger feeling. Our young friend had been wearing perfume.  

Now, all the dots started to connect. We had a friend with multiple chemical sensitivities who would get the same "deep-pitted" hunger feeling whenever she was around chemicals.  It was all making sense now.  One summer my husband was so bad that he was losing weight despite always eating like a horse. Since the incident with the herbicide, we no longer used chemicals on the lawn.  However, everyone and their neighbors around us would.

Our only solution at the time was to move to a 16 acre homestead. Eliminating the everyday contact with these toxic chemicals enabled my husband to regain his strength, weight and health back.  

But, then came the rashes ...... sometimes my entire body would be covered and these would last for weeks or even months. 

My acupuncturist mentioned "gluten".  So, I researched and in 2000 I convinced my doctor to do the test as this was an "unknown" in the medical community. He admitted he did not know what the test results meant so I did the research and was able to determine it was positive for a gluten sensitivity.  A Functional Medicine doctor later confirmed "celiac". So, I removed all forms of "gluten" from my diet but after awhile symptoms returned.  Blood tests indicated around 30 different foods I was sensitive to. 
So, my diet became even more restrictive. And, after several years I learned about "leaky gut" and the "AIP" diet. I am happy to say I have been able to re-introduce some foods on an occasional basis.

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By discovering and eliminating my many triggers, finding a new non-toxic way to support my immune system, my liver, and my thyroid, I have not had a major skin outbreak for about 5 yrs and have been able to manage my autoimmune disorders without the use of standard medication.

At the end of this month I will be hosting a “Love Your Skin” Event on Zoom... that is free and open to anyone.