Dale & Sheila's Leather Spray

Dale & Sheila's Leather Spray
8 oz Glass Spray Bottle
2 Tbsp Fractionated Coconut Oil
Fill with filtered or distilled water

Shake before using 

(Young Living essential oils are the only oils with the Seed to Seal guarantee.  I cannot guarantee safe results using any other oils)

 Animal Scents Ointment (not just for pets)
Apply with soft cloth to leather items to keep them from drying out (furniture, handbags, shoes, etc)

Animal Scents Ointment

Other Ways To Use Animal Scents Ointment
  • Use as a protective layer over scrapes and wounds (first applying an essential oil of choice underneath), and before applying a bandaid• Use as a stand-in for lip balm
  • Use topically over razor irritation / chafed skin
  • Use on dry + cracked heels, along with a drop of Melrose and Lavender
  • Use on dry cuticles
  • Apply topically on blisters
  • Apply to your hair to tame fly-aways
  • Tattoo aftercare
  • To soothe skin after being out in the sun
  • Used as a base for a DIY chest rub (add Raven or RC or any Eucalyptus oil)

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