How We Got To The Root Cause Of My Husband's Low Energy And Stamina

In the past 3 months my husband experienced a dramatic decrease in energy and stamina and frequent cold symptoms. Find out how we discovered the root cause. 

Why Clean Air Is So Important

Just imagine yourself sitting on a beach …. maybe a more isolated beach where there's not so many people. Or, maybe you're walking or hiking on a snow-covered mountain. Or maybe you're just in your local area and you are enjoying one of the many hiking trails throughout the parks in your area. What is it about these experiences that you really, really appreciate? For me, personally, I can tell you …. besides being away from all the people and all the cars, away from the city.... besides all that, it is the fresh air that I am able to enjoy and breathe in. Because I know that air is clean.

But did you know 90% of the air you breathe is NOT from the "great outdoors"?

How Do You View Your Health: Expense or Investment (Part 2)

Many times it takes a health event .... heart attack, diabetes, cancer .... to cause a person to stand-up and take notice of their health.


How Do You View Your Health .... Expense or Investment? (Part 1)

Most of the time the way your mind's eye sees things is how it will be.  Your life will take that path.  So, where in that path do you place the importance of health?

Make time for your health now or you will be making time for illness later. 

How Pet and Child Friendly Are Your Cleaning Products?

Have you ever examined the ingredients of your cleaning products?
A lung study showed that using traditional cleaners in your home once a week is the equivalent of smoking a pack of cigarettes per day. Even products advertised as “green” or “natural” may contain ingredients that can cause health problems.
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